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Welcome to the Janean Murphy Golf Academy

Want to play better Golf? Looking for lower scores? Wish golf could be more fun? Do you want to hit your driver longer/straighter? Would you like your approach shots to be more accurate? Are you wanting to get up and down more? Are you tired of chunking your chips shots or blading your pitch shots? Are you tired of 3 putting? Do you want to be taught fundamentals that stand the test of time? Janean Murphy Golf Academy is here to help you achieve all these goals.

We provide quality golf instruction, to golfers of all skill levels, in the Greater Houston area. Located at both Oakhurst Golf Club in Porter and River Plantation Golf Club in Conroe, Our programs use a curriculum that is built on fundamentals that provide long-lasting, repeatable results.

Our teaching is based on a student-centered approach. That means we communicate in the way the student learns, providing effective education, use of relevant drills, and creating a practice plan that will help the student achieve their desired goals for golf.

Come experience quality golf instruction and phenomenal programs that make you excited to play golf.

Academy Locations:
River Plantation Golf ClubOakhurst Golf Club

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Hear From Our Students

Janean is an excellent instructor. She has an eye for pinpointing a weakness and creating an exercise for an individual to overcome. I highly recommend her.

Rachel B.

The best golf teaching pro ever. I have enrolled in classes and taken lessons for 10 years. Your game will improve! Rose S.

My index was at 7.5 or 8 and I am now a 6.3. I was shooting in the upper 70s to low/mid 80s and now I have been consistently mid/upper 70s. The biggest part of my game that has changed is I have minimized or almost eliminated the rare blow-up shot (big slice off the tee box) which would happen once or twice a round. Also, my fade has gotten more straight and consistent Shane B.

I am a brand new golfer and Janean has been a great coach and instructor. She has taught me to use a variety of clubs, given me great ideas on drills to practice on my own, and helped me a great deal with my swing! She is enthusiastic, positive and an excellent golfer and instructor. I highly recommend her for all levels! Roslyn R.

I am a high school student on the golf team for my school. My goal for this season is to shoot under 100. Although I have not played a tournament since starting lessons with Janean, I feel confident that I will reach my goal thanks to her help. She has helped me fix my swing so that my shots are more consistent. I enjoy how Janean teaches me because she helps me realize exactly what it is I need to fix in order to improve my game. It is also very easy to schedule lessons with Janean. Ruth Ann B.

A lesson with Janean is not only informative but a lot of fun. Her personality puts you at ease from the very beginning. Janean also has the ability to impart her knowledge in an understandable and workable form. She is very good about giving you practice drills designed to help fix a specific flaw in your swing. I’ve been working with her for 7 months and feel like my swing has improved dramatically! David D.

As new transplants to Houston, my wife and I have been keen to learn to play Golf. Janean is friendly and approachable, which makes the learning process that much easier. Her lessons have helped us learn the mechanics behind the swing and she has quickly identified our issues allowing us to work on them in our own time. Our learning curve has been a lot shorter as a result. Janean is very flexible and works around our hectic schedule and the unpredictable Houston weather. Jackson A.

I recently had my first golf lesson (ever) with Janean and cannot say enough great things about her! Her approach to teaching golf was exactly what I have been hoping to find in a coach – she breaks down the swing so that it is manageable, gives clear and specific correction and is a joy to be around. She made me feel comfortable, and answered all of my questions. By the end of our session, I was doing almost full swings and driving the ball. Needless to say, I booked our next session right away! I highly recommend Janean for anyone new to the sport. Natalia C.