Golf & Giggles

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What is Golf & Giggles Powered by Birdie Basics ?

Playing golf with Mascot Birdie is FUN & ENGAGING!
Specifically designed for this unique age group by Kate Tempsta, an early childhood expert and golf professional, the proprietary Birdie Basics curriculum teaches three basic swings as well as other golf fundamentals.

Golf & Giggles Powered by Birdie Basics is a story-driven golf instruction program that teaches golf through fun, memorable games and allows young children to feel successful and get excited about golf from day one!

Students connect through multi-sensory engagement with Birdie the Mascot, using a story driven lesson.

Students learn three levels of movements: Putt, Chip & Swing. Using tactile props and movement activities.

Students are empowered to learn life lessons, encouraged to use imagination and opportunity for self-discovery.

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